Peter Denyer

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As a dog owner myself I understand how important your dog is to you. I know that you would sooner be out there walking with your dog yourself, but when that isn’t possible I am here to provide the friendly, reliable and professional service you need.



Dog Walking

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Providing a Professional and Reliable Service with a friendly face

Dog Walking is an unregulated industry so it is vital that when choosing a dog walker you ensure that your dog’s needs will be met and that you can rely on the person you have chosen to care for your pet.


I am a dog owner, I understand that your dog is more than a pet, he or she is a member of the family and deserving of the highest standards of care. I hold a “Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Diploma” from the New Skills Academy and a separate Canine First Aid Certificate, in addition I am currently studying for a qualification in Dog Training. I am fully insured as a dog walker, my vehicle (where required) is dog safe and has easy access for older or smaller dogs and I am a  verified member of  the Professional Dog Walkers Association.


I am happy to walk dogs of any size or breed. Where possible I prefer to have an introductory walk with you and your dog before their first walk with me. This gives an opportunity for your dog to get to know me, and vice versa, and to discuss your requirements and his or her needs.